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We believe that in order to serve God passionately and abundantly, we must first build solid, healthy marriages. If we cannot love our spouse, how can we love others? If we cannot offer grace to our spouse, how can we receive grace from and extend grace to others?

We want to arm couples for battle, battles that take place both inside and outside the home. We want couples to recognize Satan’s schemes and fight him off with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We also want to offer couples the resources they need to build a healthy marriage. Through years of teaching, mentoring, and living life with young couples, we see a great need for two things:

          1. Affordable, professional counseling
          2. Equipped lay leaders to serve as mentors

We believe that by giving couples access to these two things, they can work through existing problems and prevent future difficulties from arising while also increasing their spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy.


- Brandon and Elizabeth Oates

Why We Exist

We started Project Restoration Ministry in 2008 as a way for us to reach out to young couples in a more intentional, purposeful way. Our involvement with Legacy Family Ministries and the Harris Creek Baptist Church’s young married class gave us a chance to interact with young couples and gain insight into their needs.

While spending time with young couples energizes us, our purpose is not to create friendships (although this is a byproduct). Our purpose is not to help couples create a picture-perfect, white-picket-fence-kind-of-life. Our purpose in pouring into young married couples is to help them build strong, healthy marriages so that they can go out into the world together and fulfill their personal God-given mission.

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